Category ········ Animation, Creative Media
Mediumn ··········Video and Sound

Collaborator ···· Chenhe Zhang

Waters, walls and the whitest white

Inspired by Guanzhong Wu(吴冠中)’s paintings.

The story itself inherently carries the traditional Chinese philosophy, as well as the imaginative style of Chinese brush painting. There are a lot of empty white space. All the colors are very subtle and not intimidating. The goal is to capture not only the outer appearance of painting or the subject but its inner essence as well, and to make them lively.

We were hugely influenced by several Chinese films which are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon(卧虎藏龙), The Assassin(刺客聂隐娘) and the Grand Master (一代宗师), not only on the style but also the music part. The main instruments in our soundtrack are Guqin(古琴)and Chinese drum kit, which helps us set the environment and push forwards the storyline.