Category ········ Physical Computing
Medium ·········· Interactive Installation
Collaborator ···· Winnie Yoe

Breathing Surface

Air is an intangible thing that people can’t live without, but also seems invisible to us. Whereas silicone, as a material that is used in fields like such as soft robotics, plastic surgery, has multiple implications, as well as emotional and tactile quality. It is always inviting for people to touch. What if we can create a mechanism that combines a highly tactile material with something that is intangible that examine its relationship to human?

This project is inspired by Ani Liu. where she developed a skin using silicon that displays an emotional physiological output (in this case, goosebumps), to correlate with a galvanic skin response (sweaty palms). Intrigued by her work, my project partner Winnie Yoe and I designed a skin a mechanical installation made out of wood and medical syringe that responds to people’s movement and proximity in space.




Phase 1

Phase 2

Finished Model