Category ········ AR, Spatial Audio
Software ········ Unity, Autodesk Recap
Collaborator ···· Xiaotong Ma
Role ······· ····· 3D Model Processing, Unity Scripting

Sonic Dream

Sonic Dream is an augmented reality and spatial audio experience that allows players to experience sounds anywhere from Sonic Cure.

This project was inspired the Sonic Cure concert held as an extension of the UCCA exhibition “Voluntary Garden”. Although the exhibition was regrettably closed to the public due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, musicians insteads, gathered online to give an improvised concert.

We wanted to contribute to this thread of making arts while we are socially distancing from our friends and the outside world. We hope to create an experience to allow people who are not formally trained musicians like us to be able to create music and perform spontaneously when in a confined space.

We started this process by making the sculptures using clay. We handmade different shapes based on our preconceptions of existing instruments like piano, bell, organs, and abstracted the notion of noise and soft synth into organic forms. In order to put these sculptures in the digital world, we used the photogrammetry technique and post processed all the pictures.





Soft Synth