The Cage

Motion Capture, Dance Performance

Role ︎ Level Design, Art Direction
Tool ︎ Unreal, MakeHuman, Maya
Collaborator ︎ Xiaotong Ma, Qiushi Lin, Chaoyue Huang, Yoko Muakami

The Cage is a live motion capture dance performance designed and choreographed to posit a near future in which humans have begun to merge with machines. The audience will be guided on a quest to a female cyborg’s lost memory and her desire of becoming a human.

By depicting a story about a cyborg’s escape from “the Cage”, we poses a question on how much artificial enhancements and replaces can a person undergo while still remain human? The project discusses evolution, identity, and the human soul in the machine age. It envisions the future and the undefined.

In this piece, the performer embodies the cyborg and confronts different stages of her inner world. The performer’s movements are tracked in real-time and projected onto three walls. A physical installation is placed in the center of the room that encages the cyborg, allowing interaction for both the performer and the audience.

This installation was developed with Unreal Engine, Optitrack Motion Capture System, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Motionbuilder, Cinema 4D, Nvidia Gameworks, Spout & Madmapper. Original music by Qiushi Lin.