Category ········ AR, Animation, Film and Video
Mediumn ··········Video and Sound

Software ········ Unity
Collaborator ···· Abi Muñoz

Things that are invisible

“How can we manage urban art in limited space with AR Practice” 

Living in New York city gives people the ability to visit some of the most prestigious museums in the world. However, due to security and preservation reasons, art works are almost always locked inside at a specific location. This project was started with the idea of creating AR sculptures that we can install anywhere particularly outdoor environment. We created large scale sculptures using digital medium and make invisible urban arts that are not limited by space, locations and mobilities.


Where to use

People can view art works and installation outside of traditional museums and enjoy artworks in a more open space, such as the urban environment, parks and recreational areas.

How to use

Different types of stickers responds to different artwork. By scanning the stickers on the phone, people can get acces nearby at any given locations and anytime. Stickers will be used a medium here to be distributed in outdoor areas such as parks. They will also be put up on bulletin board around campus

Why to use

1. Sculptures can be installed at any scale.
2. People can see artwork anytime even at night.
3. Flexible Schedule and less time constrain.
4. People can all interact it at the same time without getting crowded.