Tiny Routine
AR Installation, 3D Animation, Performative Avatar

Role ︎ 3D Scanning, Unity scripting
Tool ︎ Unity, Mixamo, ItSeez3D, Runway
Collaborator ︎ Zhe Wang

Tiny Routine is an extension of the unfulfilled plans in our daily lives. The tiny avatars perform tasks actively whereas our physical bodies are getting more still and indifferent. Through distortion, deformation, and reconstruction, we want to re-examine the relationship between our physical bodies and the representations of ourselves. 

This work uses the augmented reality technology and is designed to displayed in conjunction with a three-dimensional model in the space. 

Tiny Routine was selected to present in Glow Shenzen 2021 Exhibition (switched to online seminar due to covid).

We designed 3D printed models, an interactive game and several videos as parts of the AR installation.